Model 1100 Breaking Calcium Carbonate
The Surestrike model 1100 hammer mounted to a CAT 320 excavator breaking oversize calcium carbonate.

Surestrike Hydraulic Impact Hammers- Breaking Limestone
The hard hitting blows of a Surestrike shatter hard or soft limestone. Softer materials will not ABSORB all the energy that Surestrike delivers. In just a few quick blows your over sized will be reduced! Surestrike hits hard, increases production, has little maintenance, and is easy to use.

Surestrike Hydraulic Impact Hammers- Breaking Granite Boulders
The toughest of granite, iron ore, and trap rock are no challenge for a Surestrike. Up to 75,000ft/lbs of single blow impact energy, fast cycle times, high production, and low maintenance, make the Surestrike the choice for reducing oversize.