Shot Blast Booth & Stress Relief Oven

Winnebago MFG is proud to provide additional services to customers with a recent purchase of a shot blast booth and a stress relief oven! Please contact for a quote!


The blasting booth is ventilated with a reverse pulse 0.5-micron filtration dust collection system.  This system recycles the blasting abrasive utilizing a screw auger recovery system that feeds into a 7 stage separation system the removes the dust and other contaminants from the abrasive before it’s reused over and over again.

Winnebago MFG’s blasting system is not only environmentally friendly but will provide the ability to accomplish the desired finishes on both stainless and carbon steel products.

16’W x 14’H x 30’D

Stress Relief Oven

As a value-added service for customers, Winnebago has added a Car Bottom Furnace for:

  • Stress Relieving
  • Normalizing
  • Annealing
  • Aging

Temperatures up to 1250°F, chamber 10’W x 15’D x 10’H, load capacity 20,000 pounds.